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Asheville Chiropractor :: Dr. Mark Szostczuk

My Story

Dr. Mark Szostczuk, Asheville Chiropractor

Dr. Mark Szostczuk, Asheville Chiropractor

I never wanted to be a chiropractor, so you can imagine the shock when I started to share my decision. So many friends and family politely said ‘Why doesn’t he just be a real doctor?’

I guess you could say that all of it was my dad’s fault. As a man born and raised in Poland and a World War II survivor, he never thought doctors were necessary and home remedied all our families’ minor and major (just ask me about the skateboard road rash) injuries. So to him, becoming a doctor was just plain odd, especially not a “real” doctor, until…

My interest in chiropractic began when my dad went to a chiropractor. He initially looked to his medical doctor for a nagging hip injury which he received some meds and a few months of physical therapy – obviously with no improvements. So my dad did the only crazy thing left to do; and stopped by a chiropractic office.

I guess the rest is history. Two or three adjustments later, my dad’s nagging hip pain was gone – and I was hooked on chiropractic.

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